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I can evaluate any repair including screens hard drives and cooling fans right through to Motherboards then advise you if the repair is cost effective. If the repair is urgent it can normally be turned around in a matter of days dependant on access to parts.

So simply contact me with your exact make and model for an accurate quote.

Pick up and drop off around Weston Super Mare and surrounding area is included in the price.

Maybe also consider breathing new life into your Laptop by having me install a rapid "state of the art" SolidStateDrive.

Email or phone me or Please use our contact form

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I can remotely control your computer with your permission to view, diagnose, and fix remote desktop problems plus system servicing, updates and backup if your hardware setup allow, for a job price or within a service contract.

I offer packages suited to your needs for guiding you in the use of any aspect of your computing needs, no matter what your skill level I will help you understand and accomplish your goals.

I have a wealth of experience working with iMac and Macbooks and can carry out reinstallation, repair and Optimization as needed to breathe new life into your Apple device.

If your computer is running slowly, I can collect your computer then configure it to run in the fastest and most stable configuration possible. This includes a full virus and Trojan check and a report also listing suggested hardware updates and maybe you could consider breathing new life into your Laptop by having me install a rapid SolidStateDrive.

I have extensive experience in repairing a wide range of computer hardware and peripherals and I can offer a repair solution or advice on suggesting an upgrade after making an evaluation to decide if your unit is beyond sensible or economic repair. This quote is FREE.

If your laptop or computer will not start and you are moving onto another system I provide a service to recover photos, documents, e-mails from a wide variety of storage media, including hard disks, CD, DVD and a variety of others. This is provided on a no recovery no fee basis. The quote is FREE for evaluating viability of recovery.

If your system needs its operating system reinstalled for any reason i can carry this out for you which Includes transferring any personal information to the new build.

I can transfer all your settings from one computer to another. Linking of modern equipment to computers. I can connect and configure Second monitors, TV's Phones and media streamers .

I can upgrade your computer to the latest operating system (including Windows 7 or Snow leopard for MAC) after backing up your data for safety purposes. I can provide the Windows 7 disk and Office 2010 disk if needed at competitive prices.

I can carry out any hardware upgrade required on all standard hardware. To quote for this is FREE !

I specialize in building high spec computers for advanced editing tasks such as macro photography and video editing and also high end gaming systems built with great care and attention to detail to suit you the customer and give you what you need from your system.

If you want a special tailored computer build, I can create one to your exact specifications.

This process includes consultation and research for the best matching parts then fully assembled and tested for you with a provided Operating System of your choice which is then optimized by me and fully stress tested to ensure it will cope with typical working stresses at maximum.

Your windows installation will be built to your requirements Optimised and with no Bloatware

This all includes a backup service for any early teething problems then backed with a full one years guarantee.

I can setup anything to do with your personal home network or full office/factory suite and everything in between. This also includes setting up games consoles in the home to setting up a network in your office. This quote is FREE to evaluate your setup depending on number and type of computers.

Service contracts start at £30.00 per computer/month and are useful for regular backups | Virus and Trojan sweeps | system health checks and give you priority call out. They Ensure peace of mind knowing your systems will be kept running with the added bonus of 24/7 remote and help with phone, live chat. Skype or Email for any simple computer issue you have.

As a high priority for businesses I can come out to you and attempt a rapid yet thorough Virus or Trojan removal from all personal desktop computers, notebooks, netbooks, laptops, tablet and desktop units to get you back up and running fast.

It is important to note since Virus and Trojans can damage a computer beyond repair a fresh install may be necessary which can be quoted for after assessing your system, however do not assume a computer rebuild is required and I will quote for this at the time.